Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The story continues - 3

The slave returns to the kitchen quickly. The 3 red stripes on his bare arse are the consequence of his disobedience...
But the slave is happy because now he is fully sure that his Owner has decided to train him without any mercy at all till he submits.
He understands that every mistake will be punished at once to break him till he understands that, being Mistress Lunar's Property is not a game.
Pain and humilation are not a problem for the slave who craves to be collared, and this slave is delighted.
He has to submit completely to his Owner and prove that he is worthy to serve Her at beck and call without complaining and cheating!
He decides to have a bowl of cereal and milk. He eats a yogourt too, though it is a little bit difficult for he is not hungry; but it is Mistress' order, so...
Ten minutes later he is back to the terrace and humbly sits at his Mistress' feet, looking at the floor.
Mistress pats his head cheerfully and says:
"Good slave... I think that you will be able to meet My requirements when you are perfectly conditioned to understand how to please Me, let's start now!"
Then, She ties the leash to the slave collar and orders him to stand! "Follow me obedientely She says, and remember that I hate tugging a lazy slave, don't forget My riding crop!"
The garden is so strange and the Altar makes the slave shiver with fear and pleasure too.
What is going on in this place he wonders?

Mistress leads me into the garden at the back of the Mansion. It is perfectly mown and the gardens are also very neat and tidy. She leads me to a pergola which is overlooking the Altar.

"Sit down Slave and listen very carefully to what I have to tell you". "I will only tell you once, so your concentration and memory are of major importance".
"Each Wednesday I have a gardener who comes and tends the lawns and rose beds, on this day you will dress appropriately. If you speak to the gardener or he asks you questions you will inform him that you are my new housekeeper. That you are living in the quarters downstairs and that he is not permitted to enter your personal space. He has used them previously to wash up and have lunch".
"You will talk and act normally around him, not inferring that you are my slave. DO YOU UNDERSTAND".

Mistress looks down at me, she told me earlier that I was to look at everything, I am now looking at the ground and she is not happy. My Mistress pulls on my hair and lifts my head up.
"Have you lost your memory already Slave, did I not tell you to see where everything is?" "Are you so useless that I continuously have to reprimand you?"
She flicks my naked back with her whip, I try not to flinch but it is stinging and hitting just below my shoulder blade. I apologise to Mistress, her law is the only law.

"Each month on the full moon there is a ritual which takes place here in the garden. You will see the Altar is placed on a large pentacle and surrounding that are the 12 signs of the zodiac. You see the statue of the Goddess Venus, it will be your job everyday to cleanse the statue, place roses and incense at her feet as an offerring".
"This is to be done with love and care, if I find that you have not done it to my liking be prepared to suffer big time. I have a dungeon downstairs, I don't like to use it too much, but if I have to I will".
"I have work to do now and I want you to roam around and look further down the garden where the large hot tub and showers are, this too will be part of your chores".
Mistress releases my lead, I am left with just my collar on. She stands and walks back to the house.
Two new red stripes below my shoulder blades prove that My Owner does not tolerate the slightest misbehaviour. She requires nothing but perfection and the pain on my back shows that full obedience is my only choice now and I clench my teeth not to moan.
I thought that, when sitting before Her, I had to keep my eyes down as a proof of Devotion... But Her order was to see where everything is in the garden!
I did not obey and was punished immediately; I accept it of course.
As Mistress is a bit upset for the second time of the day, She tells me about the Dungeon downstairs, that She sometimes uses in case of serious offence! It is called the "readaptation center" used for lazy or rebel slaves on training!
Well, one more time I understand that Mistress is not kidding... I must listen carefully to what She wants me to do... and I shall do my best, I swear.
I have been exploring the gardens around the Mansion for more than two hours now... A little shed next to the gate is full of various tools to take care of Your Property. I wonder if I am allowed to go into it but I take the risk and select what I need to cleanse the statue of Goddess Venus and I place the very best roses at Her Feet, head bent without daring to look at Her.
Unfortunately I cannot find incense...!
The hot tubs and showers will be part of my chores too, but I do not know what it means exactly...
Each Wednesday, when Your gardener is here, I shall have to be properly dressed and I shall not tell him about my slavery of course. He just has to know that I am Your new housekeeper. There will be no problem!
At about 5PM, Mistress Lunar comes back to the garden. The first thing I see is Her dreadful whip and I immediately fall on my knees, head bent...
I am trembling with devotion, desire and true delicious fear for my Owner is so beautiful!
I belong to you and would not like deceiving You when the Moon is full every month with the ritual...
"Slave I see you have been exploring your surroundings, I'm very happy with what you've done with the Goddess offerrings. I have placed the boxes of incense in the shed so you can use those as well tomorrow".

Mistress attaches my lead to the collar and says to walk down to the showers, so she can explain what is required of me. I walk behind her, with head bent, as I know that is what she requires now. She has given the time to look for myself, to see and understand where everything is, so I can be the best slave possible for her.

"Inside these 2 rooms are the cleaning areas for the 11 other priestesses and the slaves. Each month the ritual requires all the priestesses to bathe together in the huge hot tub, then we all dress in the appropriate attire for the evening. On the right side is the slave shower area. Once again this is for the obvious reason".

"The 12 priestess all have their birthdays falling in the seperate signs of the zodiac. As each new month comes the priestess in that birthday month is given a special ritual night, this is based entirely on her sexual requirements. Part of the ritual requires 7 of the slaves to perform acts which are based on the chakra system in the human body. You will see first hand what happens on these ritual nights, you will sit and watch what happens, saying nothing and your lead will be tied to the pergola".

"Your work in the shower block will be just to keep it clean and tidy, the day of the ritual though you will be required to do much more work".
"Do you have any questions SlaveAlain, remember that you can ask me questions if you are unsure. I would rather explain them to you and they be done perfectly".

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